Campaigning in Camden for a YES! vote in the May 5th referendum

About YES! to Fairer Votes Camden

Welcome to YES! to Fairer Votes Camden! Watch out for us in and around the borough of Camden – We are campaigning  for a Yes vote on May 5th – our chance to give the people more power over politicians.

A Camden resident who wants more say when it's her turn to vote

We are young and not so young, living everywhere from Hampstead to King’s Cross, and we’re from all parties and none. We are united by wanting a new, better politics, where:

MPs are forced to work harder for their jobs, and not just sit back in their safe seats.

MPs listen to what everybody thinks, including those of us who support other parties and no party – not just the people who always vote for them.

We have more choice, and aren’t forced to put an X in a box next to somebody just to keep the candidate we hate most out. We want to put our top choice top.

Find out more about how we are spreading the word and how you can help. Contact


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